Berghaus RG1 Waterproof Jacket Review


The Berghaus RG1 Waterproof Jacket is advertised as a “classic breathable everyday walking jacket” which is the sort of jacket most people in the UK are likely to use most, and also one of Berghaus’ best selling waterproofs. We tested it out in the Cotswold hills to see if it was as good as it sounds.

Fabrics and durability
Berghaus have made this jacket from their AQ™2 fabric. It feels tough like a jacket should do, in the past I have reviewed jackets that feel slightly thin and flimsy, this feels like a rugged outdoors jacket. I did go through a blackthorn bush, taking a short cut, and scratched the jacket fairly roughly, to my surprise no marks! The storm flap over the zip is also doubled over with velcro, giving it a nice tight and sealed finish.

The cut of this jacket is very good, which helps makes this a very comfortable jacket when on. It doesn’t feel too restrictive when moving about and once fully zipped up fits nicely around the lower jaw line, offering a little more protection. The mesh lining helps with this too as its soft on arms when using light layers underneath. The collar is well padded and once zipped up feels comfortable. There are velcro tabs on the cuffs to tighten around the wrists, and once tightened don’t feel like they are digging in or rubbing in any way, partly due to the finish on the material inside the sleeves.


The jacket is made from Berghaus’s AQ™2 fabric which is designed to be waterproof and breathable, this is also increased by the durable water repellent (DWR) treatment, and it didn’t disappoint. The first time I took it out I got a proper soaking from a heavy storm and the water beaded off the jacket very quickly, getting back in the car I gave the jacket a good shake and most of the water was off. Every jacket has its limit with prolonged rain and use, but so far its repelling it well!

The whole jacket is lined with a mesh fabric, this allows air to circulate to cool you off, but also spreads any water or sweat across the mesh, allowing it to dry quicker just like a quick wicking top, just on a bigger scale. This does however mean that you need a fleece or similar layer to keep you warm in the winter.

The hood of this jacket is neatly tucked away in the neck or collar of the jacket and once taken out is actually a good shape. It is a simple hood with an elasticated cord which you can tighten using the two toggles. Although it’s simple in design and has no wired peak, the fit is fairly well designed, and although water will run down your face and in to the jacket a little in very heavy rain, the way it fits around the collar of the jacket, most will run off. Not the most amazing hood in the world, but one of the best for a foldaway hood I have used. The water beaded off well too!

The zips on the pockets are the one thing I don’t like on this jacket. Yes they are small and tucked under the storm flaps out of the way, but this is their downfall, just too small, with gloves on, near impossible to grip them. The main zip on the jacket on the other hand has a rubber attachment which is really easy to use, shame Berghaus haven’t put these on the pockets! The main zip has snagged in the mesh a few time so far too though.


There are two large hand warmer pockets on this jacket which are mesh lined and just big enough to fit an OS map in if you bend it slightly. The mesh in the pockets allows you to ventilate the jacket by keeping them open, just be careful with the keys in these pockets as they might catch or snag.

Value for money
The RRP for this jacket is £85 but you can pick it up for about £65 online.

This jacket is advertised as an everyday walking jacket and that’s just what is is. You still need a warm layer under this jacket in colder weather, and in heavy, prolonged rain the hood won’t keep your face as dry as with a peaked hood. I always feel rather smartly dressed in this jacket too. The zips let this jacket down a bit as they are just too small for a jacket like this and snag on the mesh inside. Overall this jacket is very good for the money and you will end up, like I did, using it for everything but when gloves are involved.

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