1000 Mile Fusion Walking Sock Review


At first glance, these socks look very simplistic, but their modest demeanour disguises a range of features, designed to provide both comfort and protection whilst walking or running. We decided to test them out on some winter walks to see how they did.

These socks are uber-padded! They boast tons of toe padding and underfoot padding which extends over the heel and right up to ankle height. As the blurb states, this offers full padded protection to your achilles tendon, and it also made my feet feel really cosy and protected from the elements.


The fusion socks feature 1000 mile’s familiar double layer design. The soft Tactel inner layer sits next to your skin wicking away any moisture, this worked as promised and ensured that my feet remained fresh ever after a good few miles of walking. The outer layer is made of a wool mix and did the job of keeping the temperature inside my boots just right.

The socks are ideal for UK those chilly winter walks, and although I wore the socks scrunched down, they can be pulled up to just below the knee to keep your legs warm, cosy and protected on colder days.

A band of ‘bracing’ circles your foot above and below the arch. I liked this feature and did feel that it offered my arch some additional support, whilst being limited to a small band to ensure that your toes aren’t being squeezed together unnecessarily!

I tested out the lilac 3-toned socks. The panelled design is simple and unassuming but this doesn’t distract from the sock’s performance at all.


Value for money
These fusion socks retail at around £13.99. They are like new after a handful of uses, but if they are like other 1000 mile socks I have worn (and worn, and worn), I would expect them to continue to offer comfort and protect your feet from blisters for many more winter walks to come. So although the initial outlay is more than for other socks, based on previous experience I would say that 1000 mile socks are likely to last you a lot longer as they don’t bobble and degrade like others can do.

These socks definitely do the job, they keep your feet warm is cold weather and are really comfortable to wear. As they bear the ‘1000 mile’ hallmark, as you would expect, there was not a blister in sight! A great pair of socks to wear in cooler weather and these are now my favoured socks for winter walks both long and short. Vicky Bawn

For more information on 1000 mile socks click on the following link:

1000 Mile Fusion Walking Sock

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