Water Balls at Cobbs Cross Farm


I had seen people having a go in Water Balls before at holiday parks, and thought they were something to occupy the kids. When Cobbs Cross farm in Somerset, in partnership with Black Rock Outdoors, had an open day, we headed down to see what they had on offer. Although we had big a list of taster sessions available to us there was one thing I hadn’t done before, water balls!

We started with a warm up on the lake in a kayak and a quick go on the slack lines which got us in to the flow for the day. As we returned to the lake again looking for the balls, we could hear people laughing way before we could see what was going on. We arrived to find a group in the process of swapping over with friends, which meant one inside a ball, while being inflated by a air supply from a kind of hair dryer, blowing fresh, cool air in.

Getting in was easy enough, inflating the ball took no time at all and after the ball was sealed with the zip and velcro pad I was ready to go. The ball is tethered to stop you going out too far and also to get you back in to shore as you only get five minutes in the ball, after all after twenty five minutes you would be out of air, so best to get in early!


The timer started and I ran out onto the lake, and fell straight onto my face! Wow this was hard! The nearest thing I can describe it as is like trying to run on ice, just as you get going you slip and slide and fall down. Falling down isn’t anything like I was expecting either, in fact the landing is so soft you can really go for it. Although the more you go for it the more you end up on your back or peering down in to the depths.

Five minutes went by very quickly and I was soon being dragged back in by the time keeper, to be honest I was glad as not only was it unusually hot for a September day, but I was exhausted!

You get a lovely smack in the face from the fresh air as the ball is opened and you stick your head back out. Unfortunately for the guys outside they got the hot, sweaty air instead!


I really didn’t know if i was going to like this activity, and although it’s purely just a bit of fun, it really is great fun. Especially if your mates are in other balls on the lake at the same time, and especially funny to watch from the lake side!

If you see them advertised its worth popping down and giving them ago, especially if you have kids with you, they will love it!

For more information on where we had a go at these Water Balls check out the following website:

Black Rock Outdoors
For more picture from this trip check out the following link:

Cobbs Cross Farm pictures

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