Severn Bore

Severn Bore highlights from 2010


After an exciting year surfing the Severn Bore with the Boreriders, and with stacks of footage which I had filmed on the Go Pro HD, I decided to put some of it together to give a short insight in to what draws us to the Severn.

After all, how else do you explain getting in to a river in minus six degrees at 6:00am!

The Severn Bore is sometimes snubbed by other surfers as a freak, small and pointless wave, but if you ever get the chance to really search the Severn on Bore days, you will soon find out that things aren’t always clear cut! For example in the autumn on a night bore, yes that is at night in the dark, I along with a reasonable sized group of Boreriders surfed a wave reaching head-high in places. The wave was pounding through the trees on the bank, roaring up the river and I personally got a ride for a good mile and some of the guys went even further!

For more information on watching the Severn Bore, check out the following link for times and dates:

The Severn Bore

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