Montane Terra Mountain Trousers Review

The Montane Terra Mountain trousers from Go Outdoors, are advertised as the trousers for climbers, scramblers, walkers and adventures in any season. With key areas reinforced and vents to help cool off, I couldn’t wait to give them a go!

The main aim of these trousers is to be able to take a lot of abuse, and this is clear in the design. The trousers are made up from well placed panels, each designed to do a certain job. There are standard panels for comfort and reinforced panels on the seat, knees and inner ankle to absorb abrasion and limit snagging. But they have also been designed with ventilation in mind, with thigh zips and ankle zips all opening to allow air flow through the meshed areas. Press studs on the ankles also allow you to tighten or strap up the flaps whilst unzipped.


The main fabric of these trousers is Cotton-feel TACTEL®, which is basically a lightweight nylon plain TACTEL® weave with a cotton feel. It’s breathable, water repellent (spray rating of grade 4) and because of a dense weave, has good wind resistance.
The reinforced areas are made from Cordura® Mini-Rip, which is a high tenacity nylon which is also breathable, wind resistant, water repellent and used primarily for the tear strength and abrasion resistance. These materials combined makes these trousers very lightweight, just 330g! I was also caught out in a shower on my walk and was surprised how quickly they dried, although I wouldn’t advise using them in heavy rain for a prolonged period.

As soon as you put on these trousers you notice that they feel very comfortable and this is the same when you take them in to the outdoors. I have used them walking and on an activity day, including high ropes, and found them non-restrictive and non-abrasive on my legs. The fit is very good too, and the pre-bent knees makes moving in them easy. The cut around the ankle is fairly trim which keeps them out of the way of anything that might catch them like crampons, and also stops them dragging in mud and puddles. The waist area is also very comfortable, partly down to an elasticated waist, but also to a soft lining which just offers that little bit more unrestricted movement.


There are two front pockets on these trousers which are lined with mesh. They are plenty big enough for the usual things you would want in your pockets on a trek, and also have the added bonus of letting air circulate if left open. Once zipped up though the pockets are well covered by a small storm flap and feel secure. In the right-hand pocket there is also a small security pocket which is again mostly mesh and the ideal place for storing a key or a bit of money for that post scramble pint!

The belt on these trousers is very lightweight in design, and although the trousers are elasticated around the waist, the belt offers further support. It is also a flat strap type belt which feels very comfortable and lies well in the straps on the trousers. These belts are also great for traveling as there is no metal contained in them!

When you’re exerting yourself in the outdoors you can often get sweaty and hot quite quickly and need to cool off. The one thing that really stood out for me with these trousers are the zipped vents in the sides of the leg – the thigh vents. Once unzipped they instantly let air through the mesh lining to circulate around your upper leg area. This is a great feature on these trousers and works very well. There are zips on the outside of the ankles which cool off the lower leg and ankles too. The pockets also offer some sort of ventilation if left unzipped. On the activity day that I wore these, the weather was unseasonably hot, so opening the vents made the whole day more comfortable as regulating my temperature was easy!


Value for money
These trousers has a RRP of £70 but can be found online for less. This is about average price for such high spec trousers. You can buy them a lot cheaper than the RRP at places like Go Outdoors for around £63

When I use trousers in the outdoors, I want them to keep me warm and protected when I need it, ventilate well when I need it and be comfortable and allow me to have a full range of movement. These trousers look great and they tick all the boxes for me, I’m looking forward to testing them out in my usual scrambling haunts in north Wales. Also with the protected panels on the inner ankle should do well in the mountains with crampons during the winter season! Tristan Bawn

For more information on these trousers visit the following links:

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Rob Yates, also a UK Active Outdoors team member, and also a gear reviewer, loves these trousers and has worn them all across Europe. From the Brecon Beacons to the Alps, they have performed well very well for him. In fact he swears by them and is looking at other Montane gear to go with them.



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