Camping: 8 great reasons to go!

1. Price. Camping is much cheaper than staying in a B&B or hotel once you have got your camping gear. You can now pick up camping sets for around £100 which include all the basics you need to go camping. Consider this an investment for future trips and you will soon feel the savings.

2. Wonderful views. You can generally pitch your tent where you like in most campsites, so choose what you would like to look at during the evening or when you emerge in the morning. Some campsites offer views which are equivalent to the most expensive hotels in the same area.

3. Go Wild. Wild camping allows you to go where and when you like, making it even cheaper and leaves you in complete control on where you pitch the tent. Camping this way gives you the views you just can’t get anywhere else!

4. Get in touch with nature. What better way to get in touch with nature than to spend a few nights in amongst it. Wake up to birdsong, watch rabbits running around, bats swooping about on the evening and the fauna that surrounds you.

5. Star Gazing. What better way to star gaze than to lie with your head pokeing out of the tent and take in the wonderful view of the milky way. A great way to spot shooting stars too!

6. Kids love it! What better way to peel the kids away from the TV or X-Box for a few days than a camping trip! Generally kids love having their own tent, and spending time on the beach or in the woods with the family is a great way to get exercise and tire them out.

7. It’s so easy these days. Campsites in the UK have rules they have to abide by and generally most have everything and more than you need for a weekend away. Clean washing facilities also take away some of the problems most people are worried about when camping and most can supply or get, any supplies or equipment you might have forgotten.

8. Friendly atmosphere. Most campsites are run by a friendly team of staff and welcome you to their site. A lot of campsites are family orientated now which also means the kids can make instant friends as they often do somehow, and most people are away to have a relaxed and fun time.

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