Womens Falke TK2 Short Cool Sock review


The thing with socks and boots, for me anyway, is that you want to be able to put them on and go out walking and not think about them again until you come to take them off. You want to be able to worry about dodging the bad weather and getting yourself back onto the right trail, not worry about how your feet are doing! I’ve used the same make of socks for a for a few years now as I am confident that I won’t get those dreaded hot spots that turn into blisters halfway through a long walk, so was a little wary about trying out a new pair of socks but here goes…


My first impressions of the falke socks was good. They were really soft and stretchy and putting them on, the material felt really snug and cosy against my feet. After putting them on I realised that they were marked with ‘R’ and ‘L’, and that I has put them on the wrong feet, but a quick swap-over and we were ready to go. The socks are shaped to support and cushion your feet in different places, as well as letting the air circulate in others. They are padded to maintain direct shoe contact and to help absorb shocks, thus helping to protect your joints. You can feel the difference in texture and cushioning all around the sock and a lot of thought has gone into the design of these. After a bit of thought, having a left and right one did make sense really, after all you wouldn’t feel very comfy with your boots round the wrong way! The materials used (Falke fibre and silver icons) aim to prevent smell and make the sick ‘antibacterial and especially fresh’.

The socks have a really contemporary design and mine were a really nice light blue shade with grey patterning/detailing. The technical features are incorporated well without compromising the up-to-date look of the socks.

I tested these out on a couple of walks, and during an activity day when I had the socks on for a long time. The socks did exactly what I wanted during the walks. I put them on and completely forgot about them. My feet felt comfortable and dry, and I felt no rubbing or problem spots. The technical materials obviously doing their job! During the activity day the temperature soared and towards the end of the day, and a stint on the high ropes, I did start to feel like my feet needed a breather, however they still felt dry and it was probably more to do with my anxiety whilst hanging from ropes 20 feet up in the air! The main role for a pair of these socks would be for your warmer weather trekking kit and from what I have experienced, I would say that they would fulfil this role well.


The socks I tried were short-style and ideal for warm spring and autumn days as well as our English summer-time. I would be interested to see how they fared on one of our longer walks, watch this space for further updates.

Value for money
These socks retail for around £12 a pair, which is on a par with other socks of the same standing and design. Nothing ruins a walk like getting sore feet or blisters so getting a good pair of socks like these is priceless and they will last you walk after walk.

After using the same make of socks for quite a while now, I was anxious about leaving myself open to blisters, but there was not one in sight I am pleased to report. The socks were comfortable and kept my feel cool and dry and I can’t ask for more from a walking sock. I will definitely be using them again!

For more information on these sock click on the following link:
Falke TK2 Short Cool Sock

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