Surfing on Shell Island


Shell Island is situated between Barmouth and Llandanwg on the north west coast of Wales and although rarely breaks, when it does it can give nice left and right handers.

The island isn’t an island any longer but a campsite which still gets cut off at high tide.

The shore is rocky with large boulders but as the tide is near its lowest you find you are on clear sand. There is a fairly strong rip here and you need to keep an eye on the tide to get out without crashing in to boulders, but it’s worth the effort on the right day.

The coastline around the area is vast and fairly un-surfed because it apparently rarely works here!. Fortunately for me the week we were staying in the campsite there was a good off shore breeze and good swell off the back of a hurricane coming up from the Gulf Stream.

Worth checking out in such conditions!

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