Falke TK2 Cool Sock Review


The TK2 Trekking Coolmax sock from German company Falke, is a mid volume hiking sock designed for walking in the warmer months with the aim to keep the impact areas protected as well as circulating air to keep your feet cool. I thought it was time to take them out on a summers walk in Somerset to see how they got on.

The TK2 Trekking Coolamx socks are made from 49% Polyester, 39% Polypropylene and 12% Nylon. They incorporates Falke’s Coolmax fibre which is designed protect and ventilate your feet.

The sock is part of Falke’s Ergonomic sports system which is based on three points, Anatomy, Climate control and Support. This means it has been designed to adjust to the movements of the human body during sports activities, regulates the body temperature and moisture, and tries to offer the optimum protection and support at the same time. So what does this mean in reality? Well the first thing I noticed putting them on is they cling well to your foot and ankle but enough not to irritate, although still feeling secure. The sock is separated in to panels with a padded area around the heel which goes under your foot and up over the toes. In this padded area or thicker panel, there are also lines running the length of your foot , almost like troughs of thinner material, which I’m guessing is to help the ventilation. On the top of your foot the panel is noticeably thinner, again to aid with ventilation, but you don’t notice the difference in thickness of these panels whilst on, no seams digging in or cramped areas. The design does seem to replicate the shape of your foot very well and does give a degree of support.

The sock also has the size and sock name on the bottom of the foot, and the right sock has an “R” and the left a “L” just incase you get mixed up and although practical it also adds a cool little twist to the way the socks look.


The first time I put these socks on I could instantly feel a difference in temperature in certain areas of the sock, but even with the different shaped and thickness of panels it still felt like a normal sock comfort wise. I took them on a summers stroll through the Somerset country side in a pair of multi activity trainers and the two went very well together. You can really feel the socks fit around the contours of your feet and the material is smooth against the skin, they feel like they stretch and have some give in them, which is always a bonus and should ward off blisters and rubbing in general. The fact my feet stayed cool during the walk always helps with the overall comfort too, I took the trainers off to check this at one stop, and soon found myself playing with my son in the long grass in just the socks. Not thistle proof though!

The Falke TK Cool sock can be bought for between £12-15 depending on where you shop and it pays to buy these in a pack to get a better price.

This sock not only looks good, but feels good and does really well to keep your feet comfortable and cool. Are they worth the money? Well most good walking socks are around this price and so far they have done what they are designed to do so you can’t put a price on healthy, protected feet. They really did look after my feet! I have started to come under the spell of twin layered socks recently, but now I might have to have a rethink!

For more information on these sock click on the following link:
Falke TK2 Cool Sock

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