Camping in spring


Reasons to go camping in spring!

Spring is a great time to go camping in the UK. For a start, nature is waking up and everything is fresh and bright – including the new grass your tent is pitched on. Trees and flowers come into bloom and the birds are busy filling the air with beautiful birdsong! Warm weather can also be on the cards if you are lucky, 2011 has seen the warmest and driest April on record. Any rain that does fall in spring revitalises the rivers which is ideal if you intend to sample whitewater sports. There is something to be said about opening the tent door on a spring morning and taking a deep breath of fresh air, whilst bathing in spring sunshine! So here are some of the reasons why we love spring camping:

Peace and quiet
Camping in spring usually means you avoid the crowds, a normally bustling site in the summer can be a peaceful and more relaxed affair, including no queuing at the showers! You will also find the local area quieter in general and can often have a beach to yourself for those long relaxing spring walks in the fresh air, whether it’s in short sleeves, or wearing a cosy jumper. It’s unlikely you will have to fight for parking spaces at the very least!

Not too hot
Some people will say its never too hot in the UK, but when small children are involved, high temperatures can cause all sorts of problems – not least an overheated, overexcited and unhappy child! Spring often offers warm weather too but not on the same scale. As long as everyone is tucked up warm at night things can feel much more comfortable in spring.

Cheaper fees
Spring or “out of season” is often cheaper that the height of the summer, and you can find great weekend and midweek deals too. Not only does this mean that the cost of taking the whole family on holiday is more affordable, but it also means that you get to go to the sites that are normally booked up well in advance and don’t suffer from the crowds whist saving money. Great for budget cautious based campers too!


Fewer biting insects
In the spring, the usual mosquito invasion is a few months off which generally leaves your tent free of unwanted visitors hovering around in the night. The absence of swarms of insects buzzing around the BBQ can also mean a more relaxed atmosphere around camp. It also opens up trips to lakes and marshland that in summer is swarming with insects. You cant avoid insects when camping but you can avoid lots of the nasties by camping in spring.
School holidays
If you have children in school then the spring break is the ideal time to take them away. Look for organised Easter egg hunts and sheep racing events to add something exciting to the trip for them.

Being properly kitted out with camping equipment is of course important, especially when it comes to sleeping arrangements as it can still cool off at night so always pack an extra blanket. Having said that, once you are properly prepared, the UK’s “open” campsites are “your oyster”!

While you are there – if you are lucky enough to have camped near a bluebell wood, go for a stroll to take in the beauty of this time of year. You could also have a game of football on your own patch of beach, or kayak down a river after a fresh rainfall.


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