1000 Mile Mountain Biking Socks Review


The 1000 mile mountain biking sock is made from a new Wool Ultra material which they say is lighter than conventional wool, has superior wicking qualities resulting in 30% faster drying and helps combat odours. They sound good, so we sent Olly Christian out on his bike to give them a go.

Warm and cozy looking, soft to touch and just one layer thick. The mixture of padded and stretch panels suggest that correct sizing is important to their function. Luckily these being socks, your less likely to go wrong than with a t-shirt.

This sock is a single layered sock which has an arch bracing for custom fit, a flat toe seam and padded comfort zones on the heel and toe. The material is designed to be non prickle, non itch and minimal skin rub to reduce the incidence of blisters.


A good fit reassuringly snug around the ankle, the sock did not budge once it was on. The padded area around the heel and toe made my old cycling shoes feel like new again. But the important area for me was the arch, normally an area of irritation due to ratchet closure on shoes. After four hours on the bike, my feet still felt fresh (unlike my legs). And I was pleasantly surprised to see no redness on my arches as is the norm after a long ride.

Value for money
This sock retails for around £8-9 depending on where you shop, good value for a sock that provides you with one less ache to worry about.

I expected a mountain bike specific sock to be a bit of a fad, however I must say I was genuinely surprised at how comfortable the socks were compared to the normal hiking socks I wear. The different textures and thicknesses are in just the right places to stop that niggling rub on heels arches. Reasonable price from well know brand name. Could have perhaps been slightly more interesting to look at, if I’m being fussy, make them stand out in the sock drawer!
1000 mile mountain bike sock…..makes you want to keep riding to see what happens after 999 miles.

For more information on these socks click on the following link:
1000 Mile Mountain Biking socks


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