Storm Waterproofer Spray Review


Following disappointing results with the wash in waterproofer for my trusty regatta jacket, I decided to give the spray-on waterproofer+ a go.

The can says that this is suitable for all fabrics, including breathable. It claims to be quick drying and not mark or change the feel of the fabrics. I was anxious about this – will it rescue my jacket and save me having to shell out for a new set of waterproofs…?

Useability of the product
I popped my dry jacket on a coathanger, ventured outside, held my breath and started spraying. You don’t want to sniff too much of this stuff, but if you make sure the breeze is going in the right direction, the spray can is easy to use and got the product on the fabric well and evenly. You can see where you have been (and more importantly where you have missed) as the fabric does darken initially, but dries back to the normal colour after a short time.

Put to the test
The jacket was dry enough to use really quickly and I left it airing for little longer to ensure that most of the smell had gone too. A couple of hours later and I threw the jacket on ready for a test. it had been showering on and off all day, and before the test I knew that the jacket wouldn’t have been much use as it now just soaked up each drop of rain and in a short time I had wet shoulders and arms. I was hopeful that there would be some effect following the treatment and set off with the little one in tow for a trip outside. On our return journey the heavens opened and I sideward-glanced across to my shoulder to see how the jacket was faring. I was really pleased to see the wonderful sight of little beads of water resting and running down the jacket. Looks like I’ll get a little while longer out of it after all! On getting home out of the rain I had a good look at the jacket. The water was beading off the back and front like new, and I decided that I probably needed to focus more spray the bits that have taken a pounding from rubbing and the rain in the past, e.g. shoulders and arms. There is plenty left in the 300ml tin to have another go over some of the typical problem areas, and I reckon it may do another garment too. All in all I am very impressed with the performance of this product.

I certainly haven’t noticed any difference in the breathability of the jacket after treating it.

Value for money and conclusion
I’ve had my jacket a few years now and although I felt it had plenty of life left in it, it has started to let me down in the rain. At around £7 the waterproofer has rejuvenated my jacket and I can now go out with the confidence that I’m not going to get soaked through when the heavens open. It has saved me the expense of having to shell out for a new jacket, and I would definitely recommend this product and suggest that it is well worth the money.

I look forward to giving this another test to see how the jacket fares on a longer trip.

For more information visit the following link:
Storm spray on waterproofer + 300ml

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