Source Mapal 0.75L Bottle Review


The Source Mapal bottle has a modern and stylish look and we were interested to see how it fared against our ‘old favourite’ water bottles.

The bottle is made of stainless steel and feels durable and up to the job. It feels well made, and the top screws on and off easily and is secure when done up. There were certainly no leaks of water during our test.

Fit for use
The bottle is really easy to locate and drag out of the bottom of your bag thanks to the unusual design of the lid. It is also designed to be able to be clicked into a carabina or tied onto a rope if needed. We tested the bottle out on one of our family walks, and all found it really easy to drink out of. The neck is wide enough to allow you to fill the bottle easily from the tap, but not too wide like some brand of bottle that lead you to dribble a bit of water down your chin and top each time you take a sip! We tested the bottle on a warm spring day, and the water stayed nice and cool. More tests to come in the summer to see if it stands up to this test, but so far so good.

We’ve used our ‘old favourite’ bottles for years now, but were so pleased with the Mapal, we can’t help but want to use it every time now! Vicky Bawn


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