Salomon Minim Tech Tee Review

The Salomon Minim Tech Tee is advertised as a light weight, short sleeve, next-to-skin layer, made from breathable, wicking actiLITE material, and is aimed primarily at runners and walkers. It’s a great looking top but, how will it get on in the Brecon Beacons and French Alps?

The Salomon Minim Tech Tee is a short sleeved, lightweight base layer with a crew neck and therefore ideally suited for use in the warmer months where a zip neck isn’t needed. At 110 grams you really don’t notice it much yet you feel protected from the elements to a degree. The seams have be designed to avoid rubbing in those key areas which is explained in more depth below.

I was testing out the lime green coloured layer, which being fairly light reflects heat from the sun. This layer also comes in white which although reflects even more heat may look grubby sooner. You can also get this layer in blue and black which will absorb heat for those cooler days. So plenty of choice for everyones tastes and conditions.

The garment is made from their breathable, wicking actiLITE material which is meant to wick away the sweat from your body and keep you dry. I really put this through its paces with some hot climbs in the valleys of the Alps and although I was working hard and sweating well, the top quickly dried and I stayed cool whilst climbing. When taking a break I quickly dried and this also kept me warm as stopping is often the time you feel the cold when a damp top mixes with a cool breeze. Great results for the actiLITE material.



The Minim Tech Tee I tested out was an active fit in medium which fitted me really well. A fairly close fit and slightly longer in the body which allows it to hang over a little near the lower back to help avoid the layer riding up. I didn’t feel any restriction from any position I found myself in whilst walking and scrambling over the various glaciers and rocky peaks of the Alps, and this was partly down to the material which allows the fabric to move against the skin without resistance. I wore this layer under the Salomon Mountain Crossing jacket whilst on an Alpine climb in the Alps and even with rope, rucksack and harness on, it felt comfortable.

The label on the neck has been replaced with a printed one which also has a smooth feel. This eliminates any rubbing in this area, you can’t even feel that it’s there. There is a label down the left hand seam, but this has been positioned low enough down that it actually rests against where your bottoms are and not against bare skin. The flat locked seams on this base layer are well stitched and neatly done, and the top seams are also positioned below the shoulders to avoid any rubbing from wearing a rucksack. This is a bit of a balance as you want strong stitching without the rubbing, and I think they have got this balance spot on. You can barely feel them, even with a rucksack on.

Value for money
This base layer retails at around £30 which is at the higher end for a short sleeved layer, but if you can afford it you won’t be disappointed with the performance. I have worn and washed mine a few times now and it still feels fresh so hopefully it will last me many more trips.


Although the price is a little steep if you can afford it, you will be buying a comfortable, well designed and practical base layer. I think it also looks striking and trendy too!

For more information on this base layer check out the following link:
Salomon Minim Tech Tee

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