Mountaineering: Interview with Sergei Baranov


> 1. Who are you and what do you do at I am an adventurer, exploring the world as much as I can, living on the road. I am guiding in mountains for 10 years and I organize my own expedition’s world over. About 1000 people know me as their guide and in contact with me. Destiny presented me acquaintance with many world-famous climbers who taught me a lot in my life (I don’t speak about mountains)

> 2. What or who inspired you to start climbing? I was trekking in forests a lot and climbing rocks quite often. Finally I participated in rock-climbing competitions and met there really strong climbers who involved me into really BIG mountains. I also developed a lot due to my guiding.

> 3. What is your personal favourite mountain to climb? Probably K-2 was the most clearing for my mind. Will definitely come back there. This is more than dream.. This mountain is big enough to fill the human’s mind totally..

> 4. Where and what was your most scary experience in the mountains? My technical winter climbs in Caucasus were most extreme I ever expected. Much more than high-altitude climbs. Too much behind the limit. But still this is a drug.

> 5. What did it feel like climbing K2? That was better and easier than I expected. Too many days of rest make you furious when you are allowed to work on the slope, doing whatever. People really like to show it to be much tougher than it is. If you ever climb a mountain like this – never read books about them! =)

> 6. What is your favourite or most useful piece of climbing kit? If we talk about equipment – good axe and good crampons are the most important to climb and to go down safe. GPS in the pocket is also a piece of your life.

> 7. What mountain is next for you to climb? I hope to make something exotic like Vinson or any unknown peaks in Himalayas.

> 8. What is your number one tip for high altitude trekking/climbing? The impossible is always the UNTRIED))) But seriously – you shouldn’t ever try to prove anybody anything or set a record, but just to think about your mountain hiding your ambitions. Only ambitions are killing people in the mountains.

> 9. Which of your trips would you suggest to a beginner as a good way to get in to high altitude trekking or climbing? Some treks in Nepal and Karakoram are the best solution. Some easy peaks there or in Ecuador would also be good to start high-altitude career.

If you would like to find out more about Sergei and the Mountain guide company click on the following link and see what high altitude mountaineering might have to offer you:


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