Gelert Pinnacle 400DL Sleeping Bag Review


Gelert’s Pinnacle 400DL Sleeping Bag is the warmest in the Pinnacle range and is advertised as the ultimate in superior performance, warmth & comfort. With durable fabrics, technical features & super soft linings, they are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts whatever the weather. Sounds like a great sleeping bag, so we decided to test it out on a trip to the Alps and a camping trip in the UK.

Once packed away in to the compression sack this sleeping bag weighs in at 2.4K which isn’t the lightest on the market.

The Pinnacle 400DL bag is insulated with 400/m2 double layer 3D & 6D hollow fibre, which is a synthetic material and cheaper than down, but will also keep you warm if it gets damp. The insulation is also double layered which actually traps a layer of air between it and acts as another barrier against the heat escaping. The insulation also seems to be well distributed around the sleeping bag and I didn’t feel cold whilst using this at any time.

Shell and lining materials
The bag is made from 300T Ripstop micro fibre polyester and although feels thin is actually tough and durable as I found out catching the bag on a door hinge in an Alpine hut.
The lining is made from 75d/242t brushed micro fibre polyester which is very soft in feel and really adds to the level of comfort.


The construction of this sleeping bag seems to be very good, it only has single stitching on the front and back of the bag which although isn’t as strong as double stitching, doesn’t seam to interfere with the double layer insulation, which in some cases can affect the overall performance of the bag. The bag slightly narrows as you move towards the feet which is also another heat saving design. There also seems to be a little more insulation around the feet which is always a bonus. There are three loops on the bottom of the bag to aid hanging it up for drying or attaching to secure.

Size of bag and packed size
This sleeping bag is 80cm across at the head end, 55cm at the feet and 230cm in length. I’m about 5’8” and found the bag, roomy with space to move my arms enough to change position and use head torches etc.
Using the compression sack which comes with the Pinnacle 400DL sleeping bag, it will pack away to about 46 x 27cm.

Side zips
Whilst using this sleeping bag I realised that it is the first one I have used with a right hand zip, although I had never really thought about which side I needed the zip on before then! I’m not sure it really matters though. I tested the zip out a fair few times, with gloves on too and had no problem. As of yet I have experienced no sticking or snagging with the zip in the seam, a common and annoying problem for other bags I have used in the past. Especially when you just want to go to sleep after a long day or are trying to get out sharpish to go to the loo! The zip is also dual sided to aid opening from both sides – a good feature.

The hood of this bag is really comfortable and has a draw cord to secure around your head. The comfort is somewhat to do with the packing inside the hood and the lining which extends to the edge of the hood. Another handy feature of the this hood area is the thin pocket which will take a small pillow or soft layer to increase comfort, the pocket can then be secured with a small piece of velcro.

Temperature rating
The Pinnacle 400DL is rated as a 4 season bag with a comfort temperature of -6.5 degrees C, a limit of -13.4 degrees C and an extreme temperature limit of -33.1 degrees C. Basically this means that you will be fine until about -10 degrees in your normal sleeping arrangement until you will need to add layers, with and survivable temperature of -33.1 degrees with also using other layers. And this has been tested to the European standard of EN13537.


Value for money
This sleeping bag retails at £54.99 which is a good price for a sleeping bag of this design and temperature rating.

This is one of the most comfortable and warm synthetic insulated sleeping bags I have used to date. It doesn’t pack away the smallest and is a little heavier than others on the market at 2.4K, but it you are looking for a sleeping bag to use from late autumn to early spring and especially winter conditions, which is usable, affordable and comfortable, then this bag is ideal.

I will be putting this sleeping bag through its paces this winter and intend on reporting my findings in the spring.

For more information on the sleeping bag click on the following link:
Gelert Pinnacle 400DL Sleeping Bag

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  1. can you tell me about hibernate 400 ,confort and extrem temperature. and if it is better than pinnacle 300 dl xl
    thank you!


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