Gelert Mens Portobelo Jacket Review

The mens Portobelo Jacket is advertised as a general purpose waterproof jacket made from 100% Polyester, with taped seams, and is a part of Gelert’s ‘essential’ collection. But we wanted to find out just how waterproof jackets like this are, and whether they are worth the money.


Where and how tested?
We decided to test this jacket out on a couple of walks in the woodlands, where a shower was possible and at a time where the wind still brought the air temperature down to about zero degrees. Because of its classic design, I also thought it would be a good jacket to wear out and about in my local town and travelling about in between filming as a handy extra layer.

When this jacket was sent to us I was surprised that Gelert had sent me size small as i normally take a medium, but it actually fits me really well. Bending forwards and wrapping my arms around myself it doesn’t feel that restrictive either. The bottom trim of the jacket has been slightly lengthened around the bum area which helps avoid it riding up so much whilst wearing a rucksack and bending over. It also cuts out some of the draught that can hit you in your lower back and the extra coverage is always a great advantage to any jacket. The cuffs can be adjusted via velcro straps and once fully done up are comfortable, they don’t dig in to your wrist or feel like they would rub. The wind really started to pick up on one walk with this jacket on and the adjustable cuffs did help cut out some of the cold draughts. I have also found myself chucking this jacket on to pop to the shops and up the pub.

The zips seem tough and right for the jacket and the stitching seems well stitched – I didn’t spot any potential week spots.

There is storm flap over the length of the zip which is held down with small velcro patches, and once done up feels secure, although if you have a strong wind side on, water could still get forced under it between the gaps. The hood is packed away in the small pocket on the neck line of the jacket and unlike other jackets with a similar design, a little more thought has been put in to it. For a start it actually has a wire rim inside which in wet and windy weather can really help protect you, and also helps stop that “drowned rat” look from a soggy hood stuck to your head! There are two toggles on the hood to adjust the fit and the material is the same as the rest of the jacket with a light mesh lining.

The whole jacket is lined with a fine mesh which I believe is there to stop sweating and help ventilate you. So far this seems to have worked and i’m optimistic that it will do well in the spring when you get that mix of wet and warm weather.

The two pockets on this jacket are fairly deep and are again lined with the mesh. Plenty of room for gloves, wallet and everything you would need on your person.

Value for money
This jacket has a RRP of £44.99 which I think is a good price.

This is a great lightweight jacket for the money and although it looks simple, it has actually had a bit of thought put in to it. I wouldn’t wear it in mid winter on top a snowy peak, but walking the dog or as a handy layer whilst on a walk in the warmer months where you could get caught out by a little rain, it’s ideal! You wouldn’t feel completely out of place in a pub or bar with this jacket on either!


For more information on this jacket visit the following link:
Mens Portobelo Jacket

Buy this jacket:
Gelert Men’s Portobelo Jacket – Black, Large – 52

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