Gelert 1W Aluminium Head Torch Review

The Gelert 1W Aluminium head torch is one of the cheaper ones on the market but how will it get on in the Alps?

Fit and comfort
Wearing this head torch on my head was comfortable with no rubbing. The adjusting buckles face away from the head and there is a soft pad behind the torch to provide protection for your forehead from rubbing. I also used this head torch with a helmet and it fitted on with no problems.

Although this head torch isn’t the smallest on the market it’s no bigger than the average head torch and surprisingly light. Shaking my head about, it felt secure and balanced and even if you alter the angle of the torch and it stays in place well.

Pop the front of the head torch off to reveal 3 AAA 1.5V batteries.


This head torch is very simple to use with one on/off button, a simple tilting head and easy to adjust straps. Even with gloves on I managed to adjust it to fit a helmet. Push in two small buttons on the sides and and the front pop’s off to reveal the batteries.

The bulb is a single ultra bright white 1-watt LED. It is extremely bright when you switch it on and seems to spread the light well. I used this light in the Alps on an early morning summit with no problems.

Burn time
Gelert say that this head torch will go for 6 hours. I’m not sure how many hours I have got from the original batteries but with a week in the Alps and a Dartmoor trip already covered it’s still going strong. Only time will tell with this and I’m looking forward to testing the duration in extreme cold this winter.

Tilting head
The tilting head on this head torch is some sort of ratchet type system which clicks gently as you tilt and works very well. Simple and effective.

Value for money
The RRP for this head torch is £8.99!


This head torch from Gelert might not be the smallest on the market and only has one setting, but if you are looking for one that is great value for money, comfortable and easy to use then look no further.

For more information on this head torch check out the following link:
Gelert 1W Aluminium Head Torch

To buy this head torch click on the following link:

Gelert Aluminium Head Torch – Black

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