Fishing for Tench: Maggot feeder

Fishing for Tench with maggot feeders is the ideal way to really get them on the feed in the Autumn. Once you have their attention you can be in for a good catch rate.

With a few hours to spare I decided to get a quick session in, so armed with a pint of maggots I headed to my local lake. I arrived to find that I had the whole lake to myself and the pick of swims, so I spent the first 10 minutes looking for bubbles rising from any feeding Tench and soon found a little spot in the corner. I decided to fish with two feeder rods to increase my chances due to limited time and was soon casting my feeders into about 5 feet of water about 40 feet out.

The rig I use is very simple but still very effective so I have never needed to change it. I start by sliding my feeder onto the 5lb main line which has a link swivel on it to allow an easy change of feeders and weights, then slide on a small black bead to spot the feeder from hitting the shot, which I add on next. I then tie on a hook length consisting of a piece of 3lb line around 10 inches long with a size 16-12 hook attached. Very simple and very effective.

I usually buy mixed maggots and fish with red on the hook. The jury is out on this, but I find that red on the hook seems to work better.


After about 30 minutes of watching a very still tip it suddenly started to twitch a little and then my first wrap around bite from a Tench. It was a nice Tench around 3lb in weight and evidence that the bubbles I had spotted earlier were Tench feeding. Things went a little quiet then for about a hour but I kept filling up the feeder and casting in to the same spot every 10 minutes or so and was soon rewarded. An action-packed couple of minutes followed, resulting in two lovely Tench. The biggest being a new PB for me at bang on 5lb – not a British record breaker by any means, but always a result breaking your own records.

I managed to get one more Tench weighing in at around 3lb, and handful of small Perch before it was time to pack up. A short session but great results. Maggots have to be one of the best baits for Tench fishing!! Plus it’s a great way of fishing for them. If you’re not catching with your boilies consider trying maggots!


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