Fishing for Conger at Ladye Bay in the Bristol channel

Knowing that the Cod weren’t really showing but eager to get a bait in the water, I decided to head to the channel and fish for the strap conger. They might not be everyone’s favourite fish to catch, but specimens weighing up to 25lb have been caught nearby from the shore, and they are usually willing to feed. A fish this big would take some beating. Being October the weather was a bit unpredictable, but there was a big tide due, which can really get the fish moving around the rocky areas of Ladye Bay. As the tide rushes up and down the channel, you would normally cast a bait out into the main flow. But when you are fishing the point at Ladye Bay, the best place to find the Eels is to cast into the quieter waters of the bay. The bottom is full of boulders with the odd clear mud patch and the Eels go on the hunt here.


Conger are greedy eels and will take most baits, but I find sections of oily fish work best. I have also just started to inject my baits with a fish oil, which you can buy from most tackle shops. The oil is normally aimed at pike fisherman but sends out a great smelly scent in the water and I have to admit it has increased my catches.

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