Fishing for Big game in Barbados

Having never been big game fishing before, I didn’t really know what to expect. Also, being limited for time was a 5 hour trip enough?

Anyway, I booked a trip with a local boat in Bridgetown and was soon heading out to sea in the boat.

The previous day the same boat had caught a 200lb Marlin so there was a fair chance of getting something.

The equipment being used was just about as sturdy as you could buy, with line almost as strong as wire and 6-foot rods with very little give in them. The bait was also interesting too, a flying fish threaded onto a lure with a frilly and colourful piece covering the head. These baits were then cast out, two held down with down riggers and two up in the air allowing the baits to skim across the surface. This looked great to watch and the suspense was unbelievable.

The skipper took us out into deeper water and was searching for shoals of flying fish. When we found these shoals we were treated to an unbelievable display of fish trying to escape from the boat through the air. Something you have to see!


Then suddenly one of the reels started screaming away and one of the guys sat in the seat and struck. He was in and the way the rod was bouncing around it looked like a good fish.

Almost straight away the fish headed towards the boat, which gave him a huge task of frantic winding to catch up with the slack line. Just as he caught up, it headed in the opposite direction, taking back all of the line he had just wound in. This went on for about 10 minutes and after one more deep surge downwards the fish finally came to the surface and was gaffed by one of the crew. It was a nice sized Wahoo.

That was the only fish of the trip but was a great experience and has opened up a whole new angle on fishing which I would love to have another go at. It’s well worth a go and you never know, next time I might be the one holding the fish!


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