Europe’s High Points Book Review


Cicerone are well known for publishing great guide books and have a huge choice on offer. When I saw the title “Europe’s High Points” I was very intrigued, especially when I found out it was about climbing to the summit of all 48 of Europe’s peaks! What a great idea!

The authors

The authors Carl McKeating and Rachel Crolla actually climbed all 48 summits listed in the guide book and their first hand knowledge really comes across well. As well as putting forward a serious and straight forward guide to climbing the summits there is also a personal and fun side to the book which is how I would imagine them both to be.

Usability of guide

I have personally climbed five of the summit mentioned in the book and so can only realate to them so far on the accuracy of the information. I was very impressed with the amount of information that had been fitted in, how honest and down to earth the two authors were and how helpful the content is. I climbed Mount Elbrus (Russia 5642m) in 2005 and I wished I had read this guide before I had gone as I feel I would have been better prepared. This book is so simple to search through and pick out the information you require. A lot of thought and research has gone in to this book and it’s noticeable.

Book layout

The guide is very well laid out in alphabetical order, with enticeing pictures, helpful maps, best routes, information on logistics and even other options for routes when possible. It is very easy to locate the exact information you are trying to find quickly from flicking through and it’s also easy to read. It has a key map and Europe map in the introduction and an index of all the figures and stats in the back. There is also a glossary of mountaineering terms to help explain the more technical side to the book.

Value for money

This book has a retail price of £14.95 which I think is a reasonable price for a book so full of ideas and helpful information. It’s not a one off read as you will find yourself dipping in to this one a fair bit!


After finding myself weather bound in the Chamonix valley I decided it was a good time to review this book. I was soon joined around the communal tables of the campsite I was staying at by others, and the book soon became a real talking point, which was passed around from person to person who in turn picked out potential future trips and peaks. The general feedback I got from them was exactly what I had found, helpful information on all aspects of the trips, well set out, easy to read and because it covers all of Europe, a wide choice of difficulty which allows all walkers and mountaineers alike the chance to summit some if not all if they wanted to. This is a great book to have on your shelf for those rainy days when you have time to plan and be inspired for future trips, whilst receiving realistic information on the difficulty and experience required to ensure a safe trip. This will be passed around on future trips for sure! A brilliant book!

To find out more about this book click on the following link:
Europe’s High Points


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