Buffalo Systems Water Test

Many years ago, a travel writer jumped in to a cold lake in winter wearing Buffalo clothing. His aim was to test out the claim that the clothing would dry after 20 minutes of walking.

I can’t remember how it came up again, but somewhere along the line I mentioned that it would be good to recreate this, and somehow I managed to volunteer myself as the man for the job?!?!

I have tested this jacket out in various conditions before but this was the big one, and to be honest as we got nearer the date I was starting to regret agreeing to it!

The day came round far too quickly, and on a cold day up in the Brecon Beacons, and with camera crew in tow, I found myself standing knee deep in a freezing cold lake wearing just the Buffalo Systems Mountain shirt and Sallopetes. I took a deep breath and fell back in to the water…. Ahhhhh I can tell you I have never felt cold like it before and as I made my way out of the lake I had the biggest ice-cream headache I have ever had. It sent me in to a confused spin and I could feel my body tensing up and retracting from the icy wind.
I started walking at a steady pace along a planned route as we were also filming and I was absolutely amazed to find that within 4-5 minutes I was actually warm! Well at least my body was, my hands and feet were another thing! The water ran off the Pertex layer of the clothing very quickly after I got out of the lake and the water that went under the clothing between my skin and the micro pile was being pulled away from my body. After about 14-15 minutes I actually felt dry! I’m not sure if I was totally dry, but any water left had been pulled away from my body and the coldness of the water had gone.

I have read many stories about people falling in to lakes, having accidents and their Buffalo clothing saving them from Hypothermia or even death, and I have to say I completely understand how these stories can stand up now. The test has left me truly impressed by the Pertex and micropile system and will be looking at what else they make for future climbing expeditions!

10 out of 10 for standing up to the challenge!

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