Storm wash in waterproofer and cleaner review

Storm have been making products to help regenerate outdoors gear for many years. We tested out their ‘wash in waterproofer’ and ‘wash in antibacterial cleaner’ to see whether they made much difference to some of our well used (and starting to look a bit tired) pieces of kit. The products we used came in handy ‘1 wash’ packs so no messy measuring out business to do. Although we weren’t sure if there was a limit on how many garments could be washed with a single pack.

Where and how tested

We washed 3 pieces of waterproof/breathable clothing in the cleaner and waterproofer. One black RAB jacket and bottoms made from Event fabric, and one light coloured isotex Reggata jacket. Both jackets had been well used in the UK and when trekking abroad, and were particularly grubby around the cuffs and hems and had acquired an aroma all of their own! We threw them into the washing machine and tipped the cleaner and waterproofer into their respective compartments and let the washing machine do its thing (washing at 30 degrees as per manufacturers instructions).

Did it clean?

Once dried, the RAB jacket and trousers looked crisp and clean and almost as good as new. We were really impressed! The Reggata jacket was much cleaner overall, and the wash did remove most of the dirt, although some feint marks still remained on the cuffs. I was, however, pleased with the result nonetheless, particularly as the garments could only be washed at 30 degrees.

Did it freshen the garments up?

That’s a resounding yes! The tale-tale odour of miles of uphill trekking had been completely removed.


The coats were tested on a showery day in the hills, and we found that both the Gortex and isotex jackets were ‘beading up’ better than they had been in their tired, pre-washed state. They weren’t quite back to how water-repellant they were when they were brand new, but it was a marked improvement.


We were impressed with the wash in cleaner, and found that it freshened up and cleaned the Gortex garments particularly well with the dark material looking almost as good as new. The lighter isotex coat was also cleaner and fresher. The wash in waterproofer had also helped improve the performance of all of the garments in wet weather, without compromising the breathability of the fabric.

For more information on Storm products visit the following link:

Storm Waterproofer and Cleaner

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