Rite in the Rain all weather notebook

The RVOps shop based in Plymouth recently sent us this “Rite in the Rain” all weather notebook to test out. It’s a great sounding product, which if really does what it says it can, would be priceless in all sorts if situations, from diving to golfing in the rain, even for those who have a habit of leaving important notes in their clothes pockets and putting them through the wash!

We have reviewed the 6″x4″ notebook, it has a spiral-bound design with a front and back cover, and contains 100 sheets of white lined paper. The back cover of each pad is made of recyclable printed with helpful reference information and a rule – handy as you never know when you might need one! The paper itself feels tough and ready for the job and we were interested to see how well it stood up to some intensive testing so we decided to test the pad in a number of ways…

The underwater test (yeah yeah we thought – paper…underwater-we’ll see!) So, I held the pad underwater and using a pencil went about writing. I was amazed that I could write on the paper, and there was also no smudging. Maybe this would be a good notebook for divers to use?!

The freezing test – Imagine the scenario:

You are out in the field and you drop your notebook into a puddle, or worse – a lake, which freezes overnight. Two weeks later you find it frozen in the ice and retrieve it. Perhaps a little far fetched but we always want to make sure we report any drawbacks as well as the successes, so we scribbled on a piece of paper in both pen and pencil, ripped it from the pad and bunged it in the freezer in a bowlful of water. After 2 weeks, and frozen solid within a block of ice, we thawed it out to see what had happened. To our amazement the paper and writing were exactly as they were before. Nothing had smudged, ripped or disappeared. The ice had even cracked by the paper but hadn’t managed to pull it apart. Ice can crack pavements!


The rain test:

So the final test and to be honest not a planned one. Whilst out in the woodlands of Wales in misty rain I was marking down a few pointers for a walk I was about to add to the site. Although I was soaking wet and the pad got put in to a wet pocket until I got home the writing was fine and paper in tip top condition. This test is possibly the most relevant for us in the UK as rain is the element we’re most likely to be battling against, but knowing that it could stand up to the previous tests gave me complete confidence that my notes would survive.

Value for money

At £5.78 the notepad is more expensive than a regular pad, but it is endlessly more useful and there really is no comparison. For those of us trekking the countryside, canoeing, golfing, working outdoors (and the list goes on) there is no longer a need to put your notepad in a fiddly waterproof bag and no need to end up with a soggy lump of paper on your pocket if you forget.


The ideal notepad to have with you in the outdoors. Waterproof, tough and fits in your pocket nicely! No drawbacks found, and it does exactly what it says it should – brilliant! There are so many uses, I reckon that most people would find a use for one of these notebooks at some point.

For the best results I would suggest using a pencil or an all weather pen.

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