Bog Snorkelling Championship in Llanwrtyd Wells

The World Bog Snorkelling Championship attracts competitors from all over the world and has now been running for over 20 years. The championships take place in a bog on the outskirts of Llanwrtyd Wells on the August Bank Holiday Monday.

Two trenches, each 60 yards long have been dug out of a bog and the aim is to swim two lengths of the bog with flippers and snorkel in the fastest time. There are different categories including juniors, fancy dress, women’s and men’s.

bogsnorkeling06 047

For the competitors, underwater visibility is poor – even when looking through a snorkel mask. But seeing people struggling through the bog only adds to the entertainment value for the crowd and plenty of brave souls venture into the murky water to give it their best shot. Even if you don’t fancy a dip yourself, the bog snorkelling championships are worth a look.

bogsnorkeling06 056

The money raised from this event goes towards charity and is a great event for all of the family.

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