Storm Spray On Deodoriser Review

I thought I was going to have problems reviewing this product as I have no sense of smell. This is great after a long day walking in the hills as I don’t get the waft of smelly feet, but not so helpful with a product that promises to reduce odour. OK so I can put up with smelly feet but fellow walkers and family aren’t so keen on it! It was time to put the Storm Deodoriser spray though its paces!

This unique product spray contains liquid silver, which is proven to kill bacteria by preventing the replication process, therefore prevents the associated unpleasant odour. It’s aimed for use on footwear, gloves and helmets, but I suppose you could use if for all sorts of clothing too as it safe against the skin. It’s also suitable to use with Gore-tex, Event, SympaTex and Triplepoint so good for most outdoor jackets and waterproof bottoms.

It’s simple to use as all you have to do is shake the bottle well and spray on to the areas you want deodorised.

I decided the best way to try this out was to get a range of people to test the spray on a range of products and give me feedback which I could add on to the review as we went.

I kicked it off by spraying inside my walking boots, around my bag straps on my walking bag and inside my winter mitten gloves. All items I had previously been told were a little on the whiffy side and needed the test!

The next day I employed the smelling services of my wife who was actually fairly amazed as there really was a marked improvement in the smell. The spray really had taken a lot of the odour away!

To find out more about the deodoriser spray and all of the other products they supply, visit the Storm website:

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