Fishing for Chub on the river in winter

In winter Chub fishing can be a great way to make the most of the short days. Even when the weather is at it’s coldest you can still pick up a few Chub on the river. There is no need to make things complicated in fact I find in the winter its more to do with your approach than any fancy rigs.

A feeder rod and reel with 5lb mainline, a 3lb hook length about 8 inches long, and a size 10 hook is all you really need. Add a few shot just above the hook length to hold bottom (rests on the bottom with out moving) and you are away.

Bread flake works really well with this rig and is generally a good winter bait but you can also use lobworm’s, maggots, paste etc.

The aim of this type of fishing is to gently present baits under rafts of dead wood and trees. So as you approach a swim stay upstream of the tree or raft, keep quiet and low and throw in a few pieces of bread flake in to get the chub interested. The gently lower your bait in to the river. Depending on how much shot you have put on it should slowly drift under. Then keep hold of the rod and wait. It pays to go light with this method so you can move about and try lots of swims. Try deep holes and slack water too.

This method is very simple and very effective and as you become more experienced using it you will start picking out chubby looking swims and increase your catch rate.

Winter fishing will never be the same!


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