The KX365 Challenge

The idea behind the kx365 challenge is simple; pick a distance between 1km and 10km and run at least that distance every day for 365 days, no days missed. Share your journey on the challenge with the Kx365 online community and with your friends and family.

This initiative was set up by a man named Jim Plunkett-Cole, a man who ran 10km a day for the whole of 2013 with his dog Alf. He wanted to make this challenge available for everyone and so 2014kx365 was born.


Over 100 people signed up to take on this colossal challenge, myself being one of them, and started on the first of January (although some started on the first of February or the first of March) for a year of running or walking their chosen distance.

My name is Zoe Gould and I run for Westbury harriers and BADtri. I am 17 years old, the youngest member of the 2014kx365 family, and we really are like a family, although we like to call ourselves a tribe. We are group of like-minded people, all doing our best, motivating ourselves and motivating others. My chosen distance is 5k and I have successfully run that distance every day since the 1st of January. I have been tracking my challenge on my facebook page :


It has been one of the hardest yet most rewarding challenges that I have ever done in my life. I’ll admit some days, whether I have been feeling ill or just tired, going for a run has been last on my list of things I want to go and do, but with the motivation and encouragement from the other amazing, lovely people in the tribe, I have succeeded.

Not only do we run on our own, but we have also made friends within the tribe and like to meet up and run together. We also all took part in the sunchase. A 117 mile walking/running relay challenge, ending as the Solstice sun rises at the very top of the Mendips. This was invented by a group of people within the tribe and was a very successful event where everyone had an amazing time!

If this challenge sounds like your cup of tea or you know someone else that you think would be interested, then why not do it? Entry’s for 2015kx365 are now open!

Zoe J


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